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2/21/2020 9:18 PM

When you come in ask us about our Liability Waiver Program “Protect the Apartment.” We want to give you peace and comfort in where you reside!!! Call us or book your appointment today at #allweneedisyou

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  • If you book an appointment to stop by our office, please keep in mind the advisable 6 feet distance as we try to assist you.  Don’t worry, we’ll be shaking hands again as soon as things get back to normal. Book a virtual tour now: #socialdistancing #handsanitizer #handsON #atlanta #covid19
  • Leasing Consultant Kirsten has always done a good job of staying hydrated. But it looks like she’s taking it to another level. Book a virtual tour with her now: #h20 #water #handsanitizer #handsON #atlanta #covid19
  • Just a reminder, WE’RE STILL OPEN and here to serve you! However, for the moment, only staff is allowed inside the office. But we are keeping it clean and pristine. ✨👍 Book a virtual tour with Personal Leasing Consultant Sidney now: #NOgermsallowed 🦠🙅🏽‍♂️ #wipemedown #handsanitizer #handsON #atlanta #covid19
  • Just a reminder, WE’RE STILL OPEN and here to serve you! However, to be safe our staff is taking precautions. Don’t be surprised if you see PLC Candice offering (gloved) HANDS ON SERVICE. 👍  Book a virtual tour now: #handsanitizer #handsON #atlanta #covid19
  • We have the perfect place for you! Apply today at #allweneedisyou
  • We made it through the week!
  • Wesley Stonecrest Welcomes Spring 2020!
  • Wesley Stonecrest
  • Summertime is fast approaching!!!
  • We are open!!! Approvals can be made in one day!!!
  • Smile it’s Wednesday! #alleeneedisyou
  • Happy Tuesday!
  • Make your fresh start with Wesley Stonecrest #allweneedisyou



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